Friday, February 5, 2010

Finsbury Health Centre


  1. I love this picture of Miss Bossy addressing Micheal and the group outside the surgery. You've got her taut smile right at you camera, genius photography dude!

    Hint: you can disable the silly guess the word verification thingys when you write or edit your posts: click Comment Moderation fourth button along from the left on the second line under your "Max Architecture Webfolio" title then Comment Settings and scroll to the bottom. The tick box for guess the word competition is second from the bottom.

    Or I perhaps I should just mind my own business.

    Good luck with the more pressing priorities, see ya soon man!

  2. Thanks for the instructions. Blogger does not ask me to verify any words/symbols in order to edit/write post.. Will explore Comment settings though.
    Happy easter and all that!Will see you soon)