Sunday, October 4, 2009

Observation walk

My observation walk took place from my house to the local post office. It took some time to shift my attention focus from unrelated galloping thoughts in my head, to the process of architectural observation.

At first glance, the traditionally terraced streets of Finsbury Park look uniformly identical, but after close examination of each individual house, one can spot a thousand differences.
My scope of vision was particularly attracted by the front yards of the houses. Doors, curtained windows, the order and vegetation of the miniature front gardens. Their Materials used, colour schemes, even flowers in window boxes and overall external appearance; created a unique identity for each household, speaking volumes of their owners.

This formed a strong visual impression, reflecting the rhythm and character of life and quality concealed behind their front doors.

Lastly, this exercise made me wonder what kind of impression my house leaves on a passerby.

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